Would you like to Join us on our Journey?

Join us on our journey Bethan Customs Consultancy

Bethan Customs Consultancy is a dynamic company with big ambitions and we’re ready to take on the next leg of our journey.
We love what we do!

We are passionate. We are professional. We are precise.

We do things differently. Bethan aims to make life easier for clients by helping them to deal with customs compliance, importing & exporting legislation. We give them the freedom to fly and grow their businesses through importing & exporting.

But, we want to share the journey…

The next stage of our growth plan is looming and we’re looking for talent to join us on the journey, so that we can climb the next mountain with even more passion and spirit in our backpack.

What you’ll need…

A suitcase full of customs knowledge, expertise, experience, passion and fun. We’re looking for dedicated and ambitious individuals who are ready to take on the world, as we map out the future.

What roles are we looking for?

We have a few roles in mind. But, how do you think you can help us? What can you bring to complement our team?

We want to hear from you

Get in touch by sending your CV with covering letter to Nicola Alexander at: nicola@bethancustomsconsultancy.com




Upcoming Training Course: How to Import & Export

Upcoming Training Course: How to Import & Export

Bethan Customs Consultancy is running the following course on 14th August:

How to Import & Export

This course has been developed to support businesses looking to develop into the international market and is also suitable for those looking for a refresher on import and export requirements.  It will provide an overview as to the why, where, who, what and when of international trade obligations.


Tuesday 14th August


Bethan Customs Consultancy
Barra Suite
AB51 0FU


9am – 12.30pm


More information:

For more information or to book, please email Bethan Customs Consultancy directly on info@bethancustomsconsultancy.com.