It is worth considering whether the authorisation for Entry in Declarants’ Records (EIDR) lends itself to your business structure. For instance, is the rapid import of goods critical to your business operations?

If so, you can declare your goods by entering them in your own records in the first instance, to speed up the release of goods at the frontier. This simplification permits you to provide minimal information at the outset, with the follow-up of all the required data (via electronic means) at a later date to allow for the customs clearance of the goods.

The following categories of goods are not permitted for entry under EIDR, and a full declaration is therefore required:

  • hydrocarbon oils
  • controlled goods imported at the frontier (for goods imported into Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) from Ireland, there is a different list of controlled goods)
  • imported under Temporary Admission (ATA) Carnet procedures
  • imported under authorisation by declaration
  • personal effects
  • imported under transfer of residence relief

Supplementary declaration

After you’ve made an entry in your records, you’ll need to complete a supplementary declaration. This must be submitted no later than the fourth working day following the month in which the date the goods were entered in your records.

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