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We’re very proud to be passionate about all things customs. After all, efficient, compliant importing and exporting are the keys to unlocking your business’ potential.

That, in a nut-shell, is what we’re all about. Everything we do is tailored to helping you take your business as far as you’d like it to go.

Based in Oldmeldrum, just outside Aberdeen, our team provides customs and supply chain support, as well as training to businesses across the UK. We work closely with our clients, helping them to navigate their way through customs legislation, ensuring compliance at every step.

Of course we always have been, and always will be fiercely / resolutely independent. So you can rest assured that our advice and guidance are completely impartial and in your best interests.

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Authorised Consignor / Consignee status – the smart way to expedite cross-border transportation

With so many uncertainties still surrounding post-Brexit trading regulations, it’s good to know there are measures available to UK businesses ...